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Spirit Release • Soul Piece Return • Soul Rescue

The following healing services are ideal for removing interferences/attacks to your light or soul body. Spirit Release removes anything interfering with your light body and its soul connection. Soul Piece Return – similar to a shamanistic soul retrieval – is useful if you have pieces of your consciousness/soul walled off due to trauma/joyful experiences and want these pieces brought back. Soul Rescue for rescuing your soul if it is being held and undergoing trauma. Often physical body results are experienced from these. They are periodically unavailable due to the energy required to deliver these services, as well as dangers to Anmarie.

Spirit Release
Add Soul Piece Return

Available! Removing anything that should not be in your energy field, reconnecting the soul and other ​issues with the light body. Both sessions pre-recorded.


30 min. Spirit Release $159 more info
60 min. Spirit Release with Soul Piece Return $219 (currently unavailable)

Soul Rescue

Anmarie releases your soul from being held/traumatized by dark forces and helps it find a place outside of their reach. Often this manifests in your physical body. 

Healing For Patreons

This session is only available for Patreon members as part of their subscription. Join my Patreon team here.

30 min. Pre-Recorded No Charge

Contact Anmarie to schedule.

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