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Anmarie Uber challenges you to make the break from ceilings, patterns, cycles and karma that have been blocking you from taking back control of your future. Through online courses, books, healings and readings she teaches and empowers you to do just that. Learn the codes governing your life, free yourself and become your own Truth seeker.

Readings with Anmarie

Book a Session with Anmarie and take control of the codes that shape your reality and learn to redirect your destiny. As an industry leader, Anmarie has more than 30 years of experience in the fields of Chaldean Numerology, Tarot and Oracle reading, Astrology, Feng Shui, Entity Removal, and Soul Rescues. 

5 Numbers of Destiny

This is Anmarie Uber’s most popular Book. She is a bestselling metaphysical author and instructor. Anmarie is a pioneer in reviving the ancient system of Chaldean Numerology and has written several books on the subject, which also serve as certification workbooks for those wishing to learn the system themselves. ‘5 Numbers of Destiny’ takes a deep dive into karma and how it affects your future through the interactions of numbers and astrology planets. 


  • MA, Metaphysical Sciences (UMS)
  • Ministerial Doctor of Divinity (UMS)

E-Book now available here! And in print on Amazon.


Neutralize EMF

Flush out nano

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Stimulate your own healing

I spent a lot of time reading on these products (as everyone seems to be selling them) but I decided to sign up for my own healing as sometimes we need help facilitating our own. The interferences with our health can be nonstop. I will let you know how I do, but here is my link to sign up or try X39 or X49. 

Exposing truth

Join Nick Alvear, CEO of Good Lion TV,  a “Jan. 6er” and filmmaker. Explore his library of videos exposing the truth. 


Signs of a Soulmate