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I help awaken others to their natural state of joy and innate power.

Anmarie Uber Author
I take a slightly different approach to the typical New Age beliefs being taught today. I believe our reality is very different from what is being told to us through channeled messages from beings we do not know, and that many pieces of the New Age can be misleading, while others are very valuable (but not necessarily “new age”). My motto is “Question Everything, Trust Yourself”.  It is necessary to understand that pain, suffering and fear are deliberate mind programs. It has take me three decades to hone my skills and get to the understanding I have today.
One should not deny their own power to make choices and heal but sometimes we need each other. We are stronger together. I have lived through my own share of difficulties, trials and heartaches and have ultimately learned to be my own Truthmeter. My work is about removing the false programming that is blocking our spiritual sight and preventing access to the latent abilities we all possess. The time has come to transform the seemingly endless trap of duality, fear, death, and destruction that makes a false reality and the beings who attempt to control it, and instead connect with our true, infinite, and limitless self.
In my opinion, my most important work has been mapping our path back out of the false reality after death.